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Having always fished with baits, i am really keen to learn the art of fishing with lures.

So as a complete novice to this style of fishing, where might i go to learn some of the basics ( apart from tackle shops - with 200 questions in tow ) in types of lures, preferable knots and what lures for which fish.

OR is this the very place i should be learning from... would make sense i guess. :lol:

I will be fishing mainly Victorian waters both fresh/salt.
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Welcome Smurf, as the other guys have said come for a fish with the mangoes when you can, there are bait soakers, sp flickers, and lure workers among us, take your pick. I used to be a dedicated bait man, but these days I only use bait for garfish, whiting and bigger snapper, sps all the way for pretty much everything else. I reckon a selection of 3" minnow sps matched to suitable jigheads will catch pretty much anything in Victoria. :wink:

I've bought a few HBs after drooling over Poddy's success with the things, but have only had limited success (a few couta salmon and pike). I think the key is to find a lure or method that you are confident with - for me soft plastics win hands down :D
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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