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Looks Good

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Gday Boys.
Well ive been a bit quiet lately but i thought i would share news on something that will be well worth the wait :D

Now while i have no pics to share, forgot the cam , picture a longer cockpit area to suit taller paddlers, deeper seat well, flat areas behind the seat for rod holder mounting, possiblity of a console arrangement to mount a sounder and small tackle box . revised top deck and hatch arangements although it is similar it's hard to pic the difference unless told. Although the redesign does upgrade the wieght capacity.
Same hull design, remember it was faster than the Prowler15 !!!!

The best bit is it's an Aussie made yak designed to accomodate the fisho for under well below what we have seen lately from Aussie yak makers, well, well below.

Also i asked about the support regarding pin holes etc and was told , any yaks would get replaced no questions asked if the yak was found to be in any way faulty.

Time frame?
2-3 months for the first to be cooked and out there.


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Looking at the pictures it appears that it has a deep cockpit compared to the Prowler. While this will add to stability, it will make sitting side saddle or straddling the hull with your legs in the water uncomfortable. This is something that I do a lot as it means I don't get a sore arse from sitting in the one position for three hours or so. By moving around on my yak and sitting in different positions I can comfortably spend 7 or 8 hours in my Prowler without having to come ashore and stretch my legs.

A P15 has more stability than you need given that i sit side saddle with both my legs over the one side and drift sideways to the swell, is this deeper seating position necessary and is it worth giving up comfort while trying to sit side saddle to have more stability than you will ever use?

Catch ya Scott
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The only other advantage I can add about sitting side saddle or straddling which the guys haven't already mentioned is that by straddling with your feet over opposite sides you can add drag if a fish is towing you and I also do it when hooked up fishing heavier tackle or I am snagged and need to bust off as having a leg over both sides increases your stability dramatically and works on the same principle as stabiliser bars on a trawler.

The other thing is that a low profile yak isn't affected by the wind as much due to its low profile.

Catch ya Scott
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