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Loading kayak idea

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Found it a bit difficult to load the Outback onto the top of my Suzuki Vitara over the back of the vehicle without scraping the rear of the roof so made a couple of mods to the roof rack which work well.

1200mm of 20 mm steel pipe fitted through a 40mm length of poly pipe inserted through the left hand rack stand and on to a 600 mm length of 24mm light tube attached to the underside of the front rack. Cut a couple of vees out of the end of the 20mm pipe to make a cutting edge and managed to work it through the centre of a pool noodle to cushion the pipe and stop the yak from slipping around.

Place the stern of the yak onto the pipe, lift the bow and place it on the rear rack, move the stern to the centre of the front rack and tie it down.

Minimum fuss and effort and no damage to yak, Zook or me![/code]


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