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live baiting the cod hole- 22/10/06

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ok im now thinking live bait and i'm thinking jew fish. this will be a first from me as i've just knocked together a break away for my anchor. Now the plan is get down to petre creek at sunrise 5:06 AM EST and pick up a few poddy mullet. There are literally hundreds in that part if the river system, then its in the livewell and off to the cod hole, high tide is at 7:55 AM EST at mooloolaba so i'll give the tide an hour to be high at the cod hole around 09.00 AM but i'll aim to have the anchor down and live bait in the water by about 7.30 to catch the first hour of run in and the run out later.

There’s talk of GT's being around there at the moment so a fair bit of casting at the pylons may well be called for as a plan B.

let you know how i go
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Sounds like a top plan to me Mike. Be sure to let us know how it goes. Am looking to follow a similar plan in the new year on Westernport Bay down here in Melbourne. So many fish, so little time!! Steve.
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