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LBG gold

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Went for a paddle down around the peninsular this morning, was as flat as with hardly a breeze......perfect!

Concentrated on throwing spinnerbaits into the trees for a few hours but it was very quiet at first, at around 10am I lost a cracker of a reddy that would of nudged 2 kilos I reckon, dropped it at the boat.

Went over to that big snag (tree) everyone knows about and threw spinnerbaits all over and around it for a while, hooked up briefly to a really good sized cod but lost the battle after about 3 seconds, a few casts later and I'm on again but a much smaller fish this time, a nice golden of about 2kilos landed.

Gave it away after that as it was getting too hot, but what a top morning on the water.

Couple of pics of the yella.

Cheers, Allan
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Nice fish Allan
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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