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LBG gold

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Went for a paddle down around the peninsular this morning, was as flat as with hardly a breeze......perfect!

Concentrated on throwing spinnerbaits into the trees for a few hours but it was very quiet at first, at around 10am I lost a cracker of a reddy that would of nudged 2 kilos I reckon, dropped it at the boat.

Went over to that big snag (tree) everyone knows about and threw spinnerbaits all over and around it for a while, hooked up briefly to a really good sized cod but lost the battle after about 3 seconds, a few casts later and I'm on again but a much smaller fish this time, a nice golden of about 2kilos landed.

Gave it away after that as it was getting too hot, but what a top morning on the water.

Couple of pics of the yella.

Cheers, Allan
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Damn nice Yella!

Must have missed you guys by like 1/2 hr, i was on the water @ BMP roughly 10:15 although i got side tracked playing with a Redfin school just off the smaller island, good to see you cracking a native.

Pity about the Cod, There are some resident bad boys causing problems and i keep encountering them at that snag using HB lures but only ever a 2 second affair ( Might be the braid pulling teeth on the troll )... Ive tried spinners and beetle spins around the snag for nada, how heavy are you going?

Nice work, your keeping me amped for future trips!
Cheers for the Line tip, pretty much the same as what i use on my baitcasters... using 4lb Mono and 4lb fireline on my Redfin rods ( Managed a 3kg Golden on my Whiting / SP setup a few months ago ).

What about weight of the spinner baits?, I have many sizes all the way to 1oz but am always confused as all of them get down to the correct depth ( Willow or Colorado style )...

Nice work once again.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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