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Hi Macka,
Under normal circumstances, I would jump at the chance, and suggest a trip to Scarborough or Margate.
Sadly, I had a prang on Sunday, and the Urvan, although not looking real bad, is a write off. I have no Yak carrier now :cry:

Pleased to say no one was hurt, and at least I will get a couple of bob from the insurance, but I am grounded for a couple of weeks I would say :(

I can see the funny side of even this. Last week I paid an auto electrician to fix the lights, and the new light didn't break, but it was bucks that with the aid of a crystal ball, I would not have spent.

Good luck, I am down but not out.......Yet :lol:

Cheers Andybear :lol:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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