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Lane Cove River (above weir) Sunday 10/12

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Bass time guys.

5am start so we are on the water for first light. Cars will have to be parked near the gate and yaks carted to the weir for launch.

Rules for the national park:

* Catch & release only, except for carp, which must not be returned to the water, killed humanely, disposed of thoughtfully, ... (I'll take any home for the dog - that should ensure they don't trouble us)
* Lure and fly only - no bait
* No fishing between the weir and the boatshed
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What time off the water Peril,
The GF has me going to lunch in town on sunday might be able to come down a bit early for a paddle
Cheers Dave
Ok Peril,
Will check it out with SWMBO

Hairy micks post on micro mullet said they worked on bass so i was just thinking of using them. I will have a couple of MM's with me on saturday, will be good to finally meet some of you guys.

A long time ago my dad's uncle run the boatshed thier I will try to find out if they know any special spots to try.

Cheers Dave
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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