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La Jolla 8/24/06 w/video

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Launched with Casey around 4:30pm... Called out on the VHF, got ahold of Tyler who had a fish on... Made baits fairly easy, ripping current downhill... Casey goes bendo...

I saw Jeff go bendo on a big bonito.... Shortly after zzzzz.... I am on what I think is a bonito, until I see it at the boat, and it takes off, the right kind! Nice, fight... poor gaff job... :oops: Once again, my fish is cut off in picture by Casey!! :x

Going to enjoy this... if you can find it, buy some... :D

btw: My fish outweighed Caseys by 4 ozs. 6lbs 8 ozs gutted it on the water.

Video of Casey's fight!

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hey chris - nice work once again. I was a bit of a fan of the sierra nevada pale ale while i was over that way. Can i ask what you do with all your fish? You seem to consistently catch and keep huge fish - do you eat them all or do you have a very happy group of fish eating friends?
Honestly, I eat a lot of it, as this is a premium fish fresh, freeze some, defrost later, and eat. In a few months, these fish will be GONE!! But, yes happy friends, and family as well. Got some Ceviche brewing for tonight.

Yes, the Sierra Nevada is very good! I went to college in the town it is brewed... Good stuff!

Chris great to see another successful outcome with a six pack reward to follow...the fisho's celebration the world over.
Keep them pics coming Chris
Good suff
Fantastic stuff, the Brown Ale, oh and the fish werent bad either :wink:
Hey Chris, the large clip you use to tether the fish, Ive seen a couple of photos with your guys using them, is that used like a gath through the gills or is it a tethering device only ?
Great stuff , loved some of those videos too :shock:
Nice one Chris, loved the videos too, well done
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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