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Knots, ya top 2

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Just wondering what everyone is using knot wise...what's the two ya most use? When do ya use em?

For trolling the Hb's, I like a Rapala Knot (I used to call it a Lefty's Loop) to connect lures to leaders. Gives that lure freedom to move.

http://www.animatedknots.com/rapala/ind ... dknots.com

And a Double Surgeon's knot for line to leader...although I tend to pass it through maybe 5 times or even more. Ooops, I used to think I was tying an Albright knot...but whatta ya know the Surgeons were getting my money all along.

http://www.animatedknots.com/surgeonsjo ... dknots.com

Come on, show us ya best two :wink:
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Uni Knot for joining braid and mono trace and jigheads and Loop Knot for lures.

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