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Kingscliff 4/6/06

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We headed out of the creek mouth at 6am with just enough light to see a big swell pounding the reef out in front. Steven [couta] lost his live bait tank as we hit the first few waves so that was a good start.

Things were not going our way with the only bait we could catch being bloody butter bream l must have hooked 50 or more.
30 min later we headed off to our favorit spot with 4 yakkas.

Steven dropped anchor and l headed out about 2km to a spot called the Pinnacle trolling a Halco lazer pro,l was hopeing to catch the one that done me the weekend before on 50lb brade with a 80lb leader but it wasn't my day l didn't even get so much as a bump.

l decided to head back and see how Steven was going when the wind moved arround to the south.
But do you think l could find him he was gone so l head back in to find him at the boat ramp.

He said it was a bit rough out there in the 2m plus swell with the anchor out so decided to pull it in and drift with the two live baits out,but before he could get it in one of the reels went off and started stripping line fast so he had to cut the anchor free to fight the fish.

Then the other reel went off Double hook up What a battle, his GPS said he was doing 6kmph and he had traveled 2km out to sea.
By this time he was getting a bit worryed with no boats about and having trouble spotting land in the big swell so he decided to cut the line and check what was on the other rod.
To his surprise it was still there a nice yellow fin tuna


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