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King Kev's Roll Mops

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Troppo asked me to find this recipe after his bumpa catch of Wolf Herring the other day, and Kev finally got back to me with the goods, so thought I would share it with y'all. :)
I'm thinking this recipe is best with herring or mullet, the more oily flesh fishes.
The recipe: Lay the fillets flat with a sliver of gerkhin and some onion and then another layer etc. Enough vinegar to cover, boil vinegar with some black peppercorns or whatever flavour takes your fancy (chilli goes good). Pour boiling liquid over fillets and let cool. When cool place in fridge for minimum of 3 days (to allow bones to soften or dissolve). The bones can sometimes still be seen but they are soft and you won't feel 'em when you eat the fillets. I've kept 'em in the fridge for over two weeks and they've still been good but I don't know for sure how long they'll keep. If you like your pickles sweet then also add a spoonfull of sugar (or two) to the vinegar when boiling.
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Thanks YakAtak.

I've got 2 dishes of roll mop fish in the fridge right now. I did one dish with layers of fish and some onion with boiling cider vinegar (1/2 cider 1/2 water) poured over it. Added a bit of salt, tiny bit of sugar, had bay leaf and dried chilli in as well (in cider and boiled).

Also, did another dish where I poached the fillets in brine first. My wife's advice was that I should have poached them lightly, not cook em so much. Ah well.

Can't wait to see how they turn out. The flesh is firm, even the poached ones, so should come out good.

Will give feedback on taste later in the week.
c'mon guys, are you pulling our legs or what??

your 'recipes' sound like the punishments we used to have in drinking games when we were camping ...if you didn't skull your beer/shots quick enough, you had to 'eat' something awful. even the name sounds suss... 'roll mops'.

now skull, skull, skull.....and if you don't you'll have to eat this...

take one serve of oily fish, soak it in vinegar, add some chilli, pepper, gherkins, onions, boil it all up in brine and then leave it to go cold for 3 days..... :shock:

mmmm, sounds delicious

:? :( :wink:
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Very close Dave. They are excellent to have when drinking vodka.
Peril said:
Very close Dave. They are excellent to have when drinking vodka.
I'm sure they are, but I reckon you'd need at least 2 bottles to get the taste out of your mouth... :lol:
DaveyG, you can tell Peril and Occy are cultured well-travelled folk. If I ever hold a tasting of my roll mops for those guys, I'll first have to make a trip to the local liquor store - probably with a trailer.

[That IS NOT an invite Peril and Occy!] :D
You tellin me you never had roll mops before davey? geez, go to the supermarket and buy some immediately! Nah, really, if you like pickles, they are very tasty. :D
Uuuuugh, shudder!!!!! Rollmops, I'd rather suck on the inner soles from sandshoes. :roll: :p
fishgutz1969 said:
Sounds tasty.......cheers
Wow mate you are really doing your historical research on recipes , you must be a keen cook, working on becoming a contestant on Masterchef perhaps.?
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