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King hit again in Coogee

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Hi all
Well, back out again this morning, and what a morning.
Met up with David who paddles a blue FnD and seems to specialize in kingies. He had two outfits. I brought along my little 3Kg outfit and my 10lb outfit. Spent the first 20 minutes paddling around Wedding Cake Island, as we had seen seagull around. The FF indicated there was a huge school of fish around the 15-40mt mark. Then the water came alive. Kingies everywhere. First cast with the SP produced a solid hookup on the 10lb gear. The Penn Spinfisher 4400 hummed away as the yellow braid disappeared into the depths. I was using a Daiwa Procion graphite rod which I had bought a couple of months ago. This was my first fish on it. After 20 minutes, the nice 3 kg kingie was next to the kayak, tired but far from beaten. As I reached over with the Boga grip, he was off again and CRACK! the rod snapped. It snapped at around the 3rd runner. Luckily the run was not a big one and I managed to bring him on board, weighed him and released him. Couldn't believe that. Bloody rod!!
Now it was up to the smaller outfit. Three more hookups, one released fish and two snapped the braid. Changed reels over and put the Spinfisher on the lighter rod. Another 2 kingies which were released to fight another day.
Word of caution. I ALWAYS put my phone and keys inside one of those plastic waterproof cases. Today of course I didn't. Hadn't closed the centre hatch properly so...guess what? Phone has been thrown out due to "excessive corrosion and salt damage" and remote control for garage has followed the phone.
Who says fishing is boring??? :shock: :wink:
David caught 2 kingies and a beautiful flathead which he released. Tomorrow we will be back down again around 0500, as the weather looks like it will turn later on in the morning. If anyone can make it, please come along. We will launch from Gordon's Bay, Clovelly.
Some photos.

Prowler 15

P.S Er...forgot to mention. Fell out of the kayak :oops: while trying to adjust transducer on rudder. Totally stupid, totally impossible task. Prowler didn't budge, but I did. Mind you, I was out of the water and back in the kayak faster than those seals can get back on land in those Attenborough documentaries :shock: :shock:


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You're really braining them Simon. Well done. Pity about the rod - you should be able to get it replaced under warranty
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