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Kiama -3-12-2006

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Snuck in a fish Sunday arvo in what were pretty ordinary conditions with 20kn winds & temperature in mid teens. Things started badly when I got my anchor hooked on something & couldn’t retrieve it, paddling upstream & even to the bank I still couldn’t budge it & was forced to cut the rope.

The fishing was quiet until just about the bottom of the tide. Strangely the birds started circling an area of the river but from a very high level, not diving to suggest baitfish etc. I paddled over & flicked the SX 40 (my new best friend) into the area & got whacked on the first cast by a nice bream, strong fighting fish & was, in truth, smaller than I expected when he come to the surface. I fished the area for 20 minutes C&R 5 bream. After this time the birds moved on & so did the fish. I couldn’t see any bait fish in the water & the water was only 2.5 to 3.5mtrs deep. Any ideas ??




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Nice work Russ and probably right. Failing this could it have been a warm patch of water causing a thermal hence updraught for the birds and nice spot for the fish? :roll:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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