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Kiama -3-12-2006

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Snuck in a fish Sunday arvo in what were pretty ordinary conditions with 20kn winds & temperature in mid teens. Things started badly when I got my anchor hooked on something & couldn’t retrieve it, paddling upstream & even to the bank I still couldn’t budge it & was forced to cut the rope.

The fishing was quiet until just about the bottom of the tide. Strangely the birds started circling an area of the river but from a very high level, not diving to suggest baitfish etc. I paddled over & flicked the SX 40 (my new best friend) into the area & got whacked on the first cast by a nice bream, strong fighting fish & was, in truth, smaller than I expected when he come to the surface. I fished the area for 20 minutes C&R 5 bream. After this time the birds moved on & so did the fish. I couldn’t see any bait fish in the water & the water was only 2.5 to 3.5mtrs deep. Any ideas ??




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After pondering your situation for about 3.25 seconds I feel I may have the answer.

CLUE NO.1 At the opening of your report you suggested that your trip started badly due to your anchor becoming snagged on a very solid object.

CLUE NO.2 Birds circling on high but no sign of bait schools.

CLUE NO.3 Water depth of 2.5 to 3.5 metres.

After much deliberation :oops: and a toilet break I believe that the source of your anchor problem was the plug to this particular waterway. The birds could detect the potential feast if you could just remove the plug by pulling the anchor rope thus freeing the water to flow down the drain and leave hundreds of stranded fish on a riverbed for the circling birds to pick off at random.

What you witnessed were birds singing pull Jeffo pul, pull Jeffo pull You panicked at this moment thinking that voice from my teenage years is back to haunt me. You took matters into your own hands as you did many many years ago and you reached out for the one thing you could depend on :roll: no not your willy :? Ya bloody SX40.

Good on ya mate :wink:

:D fishing Russ
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