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Kayak Re-entry - and alternate concept

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Some months ago hoit had a post on kayak re-entry for his dad which generated a lot of suggestions such as slings etc

At the time my thoughts were towards some sort propulsion for the older paddler, and concluded a jet of compressed air would aid in ejecting the yakker from the water.

This concept is now presented for fine tuning by the AKFF membership.

Envisaged is a cylinder containing compressed air; rounded at one end and a solid flange at the other, where there would be placed a method of rapid release of the air.

A working title for the device is Active Re-entry Sub-surface Energiser or [arse].

Use begins with a Spplaash as the yakker goes into the water, he then rights the yak and would then locate his [arse] from its easily accessable storage location.

The [arse] is then inserted in some suitable non slip cavity on the yakker's body under water, with the flange down being a load bearing surface on activation of the device; [arse] by design is unisex and so benefits yakkers of either gender.

To activate, pulling a Ring-pull would seem appropriate to jet the air from the [arse] and launch the yakker from the water to safety on the kayak.

There are still issues to address such as,

Can there be an efficient standard diameter [arse] or would a size range be required?

Is there a need for varying air capacities as an excess of pressure would have the yakker leaving the water like a Polaris missile and would be quite traumatic for him when only a 1 meter lift would suffice.

Could there be a variation in design fo wearers of utility belt like, spiderman, batman, and meoldchina.

A coloured [arse] would be an advantage when with mates, "anyone seen a blue [arse]", would get a different reaction to the question "anyone seen my [arse]" I think

The potential is enormous if this got off the ground, it's possible the yakker of the future will go fishing with an alphabet of gear such as PFD, UHF, VHF, GPS, FF, EPIRB, SPs, HBs, and his [arse].

If everyone gets behind this it could be uplifting for all kayak fishermen.
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I've been working on a invention called the totally inflated tube or [tit]
Once in the water the [tit] can be deployed and nestled between the legs. The [tit] has a nipple that when blown upon inflates the [tit] giving rise. If too much rise has occurred the nipple should then be sucked to deflate the [tit]. Suck or blow on the [tit] until the desired amount of rise is established to enable you to come at the same level as your yak. You should then be able to slide back into your yak with ease.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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