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Kayak for exercise only....?

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Please dont think any less of me.... :( but I would like to get a second yak just for.....wait for it.....yep....paddling!

The Outback is great for fishing and I love it, but I want to get on the river and get some regular exercise so I need something a little more paddle-friendly. (The Outback is a PIG to paddle).
So Im open to suggestions from the learned folk here who paddle.

Nothing too dear, second hand is good, and it wont need rod holders, eskys, anchors, GPSs, Fishi finders, bimini covers, outboards or trawling nets. :D

As far as SIK vs SOT it doesnt matter to me at the moment (until I know better :? ). SPEED however would be good. I want to burn! 8)

Cheers and thanks in advance!

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My only suggestion would be espri length or longer.

The shorter ones while able to support you OK, tend to zig and zag with each stroke.

From the 3.5m length and on, they run truer the longer they are unless you are going into rudders of which I can't speak
Hi Jake,

if you are less than around 110 kgs, Check out Naturelines slick little Wanderer. Light as a feather, a delight to paddle, Aussie (Queensland) made and I reckon would be perfect for what you have in mind.

Robin and I have one each and we love em to bits. Can be bought new for around $1200 with expetition fitout ( Rudder & hatch)

Kerry has made a sh!tload of these boats yet they are very rare to find second hand. The people who've got em don't seem to want to part with them. should speak for itself. :D
G'day Jake, if I were you, I'd take Hairymick's advice. Seen any pictures of his shed.... :lol:
Does exercise only mean just using one fishing rod? or just one handline?....like for just in case the fishing Gods have put your next PB on your course?.... I thought taking the neighbours cat water skiing was exercise! works for me :lol: :twisted:

Cheers all Andybear :lol:
I also considered this aspect before buying my SOT (as when I bought it I didn't even think I'd be fishing out of it). I bought it for 1) fitness, 2) family friendly design and 3) camping trips.

Yes I agree that longer and narrower designs will go FASTER.. If thats what you want then look at something 15 feet (4.5metres) or longer.

However my thoughts were that my SOT (12 feet - 3.6 metres) whilst not the fastest boat out there would still give me a good upper body workout.

A shorter/wider boat = slower = more resistance on arms, stomach and back muscles. THis means that in order to get the same 'workout' you actually have to paddle a shorter distance.

ie. A 10km paddle in a 'fast' boat such as a seakayak or touring SIK burns the same amount of energy as a shorter (perhaps 6km) paddle in a 'slower' kayak.

Anyway that was my reasoning - if my fitness improved I could still do the 10km paddle, but in the meantime I was getting the maximum workout from my current boat.

In hindsight though, I've soon found that no matter how fast the boat, you'll still lust after a 'faster' one... that's just a male thing!

ps. get a red one, they go faster!
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I have a friend I sold my Rosco tk1 to years ago, I came across him the other day and now here has two of them.

This is a straight up sik, it's fast but I'm not to sure how it compares to the lastest designs these days. I don't know ask Andybear I think he has one.

Anyway I told the friend about this site and he said to tell the guys here he's willing to part with them for 400 for the 2, or 200 each.

Let me know if your interested or anyone else.

Sounds like a good buy. One each for me and my missus.
I am definitely interested. Anyone here have experience with the TK1? Is it alright for BFBs?

Im about 105kg at the moment but looking to drop that over the next 12 months with the help of the right kayak.

The main thing is can you fit a rudder to the Rosco?

Hairy, The Wanderer looks like a little ripper. Would love to have a go on one.

Now keeping a look out for the rare 2nd hand model.
Hey Jake. the wanderer is a TK1, only kerry's version of it.

re the roscoes, good boats. (and good value at that price) We have one in the shed :oops: only drawback to them is that they tend to weathercock a bit going down wind and the seat has no back (easy to fix.) The Roscoes are about as quick as the wanderers and a fair bit more manouverable but they don't track as well.

If you're interested in a second hand wanderer, I would give kerry a ring. He seems to know where most of his boats are and probably knows if somebody is thinking of selling./upgrading ( he put me onto my Mermaid and also got the second hand Osprey for me)

good luck mate. :D
So Mick, You're saying a Wanderer is a modified TK1?

That means then that the Rosco TK1s can have a rudder fitted?

If thats the case then Im in. However, over in the bloody west at the moment.

Jake, if you want a super fast SOT and are prepared to pay a few grand for a new one have a look at a EXTRASEA by Howe surfskis in Queensland. They have a web site with photos. I am trying to sell the half share I have in a kevar Mirage 580 SIK (an absolute rocket) as I want a super fast SOT just for paddling as I think that for me its SOTs all the way now. If you can find a second hand Mirage 580 i recommend one if you are going to go down the SIK route and the subesquent eskimo rolling, harder self rescues, having to carry hand bilge pumps and all of the other essentials for SIKs that aren't relevent for SOTs.

Catch ya Scott
Jake said:
Sounds like a good buy. One each for me and my missus.
I am definitely interested.
Just give me a pm if your keen, I'll give you his number and address at Ipswich.

My cousin has a couple of surf ski's for sale, he's asking about $650 each.

If you're interested in building your own, I have plans for a strip built sea kayak which im hoping to start building soon. Would love to share the building process with someone.
Do it here mate. :D
Plans for this one will be available shortly.

easy built - only 3 panels per side, symetrical hull. :D


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