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Kayak/fishing trip to Wardang/Goose Islands

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Went for a memorable paddle in the kayak with 8 Adelaide Canoe Club members a few weekends ago over to Wardang Island and spent a couple of nights camping, touring and fishing.

After keeping a very keen eye on the weather we were lucky to score a weekend of low winds and not too much rain. For something slightly more challenging we aimed to paddle over there on a full moon on the Friday night, under the leadership of a highly experienced leader. The trip across took about 2 hrs to cover the 10km, and apart from 10 mins of small chop as we departed Port Victoria the the trip was relatively calm and we stayed dry. We were surprised by how shallow the water was near Rocky Island and had to alter course as it was too shallow to paddle in. We arrived at the eastern side of Wardang and setup camp (we had previously obtained permission from the traditional owners of the land) and enjoyed a restful nights sleep.

Saturday morning we paddled north to Goose Island and setup camp on the island mid morning. Goose Island is one of several small islands to the north of Wardang and it was enjoyable paddling around all the islands looking at the seals, birds and penguins.
After lunch we went for a paddle down the west side of Wardang to the Bikini Islets, and landed on the beach nearby. The coastline down there is simply stunning, with enourmous caves, deserted beaches, hidden inlets and sand dunes covered with penguin footprints. Those of us that surf kayak were eyeing off the reef breaks on the way down too. Near the Bikini Islets I trolled a soft plastic for 10 mins close to the beach but didnt pick up anything.

We paddled back to Goose Island and as the tide was now high I spent about 45 minutes fishing off the rocks on the north side of Goose Island. A school of drummer were swimming back and forth in front of me, but after fruitlessly trying to entice them with dough I gave up on them. I then put on a small soft plastic and started casting from the rocks hoping for some salmon trout or snook. Within 10 mins the first snook kindly jumped on and was in the bag. 10 mins later another one was bending the rod over, slightly larger too, and was in the bag as well. They were quite close to shore - only about 15 metres from the rocks. As I had enough for a feed, and the sun was getting low I called it quits. If I'd gone out in the small bay in the kayak, or had tried other areas Im sure there would have been more - Im guessing the fishing pressure there is quite low.
After filleting them I cooked them up on the trangia pan in butter with a touch of salt - nice 'n fresh.
After the customary port for supper we fell asleep to the sound of gentle rain and the squarking of penguins in the rocks surrounding the tents.

Sunday dawned to a sea that resembled glass - not a breath of wind, sunny, still and a crispness in the air from the evenings rain. We packed up camp and paddled back to Port victoria via Green Island in mirror calm conditions, able to view the sea floor quite clearly for most of the trip as it was quite shallow.

For a Powerpoint show of the photos of the trip click on http://users.adam.com.au/mikedunn and choose the 13May_WardangIsland.pps file. Enjoy the viewing - its a stunning place, made even more perfect by the amazingly calm weather we experienced.

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The western caves and cliffs are cool to look at, beaut trip :D

Did you get a look at the shoal east of Wardang around Rocky on the trip back? Is it a shallow reef, or weed beds?
Great report and PP presentation Dunny. I haven't been on here for a while so just read it. Would love to do a trip like that but would need to get the fitness up, not to mention get my hands on a sea kayak.
Absolutely stunning. I wonder if I had the fitness to pull my ride 135 that distance. Would be a great trip. Hanging out for a AKFF trip like that to be organised.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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