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Kayak Colour

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Maybe this is a silly question, but here goes anyway. Does anyone have an opinion on whether the colour of a kayak makes much difference to the stealth factor of fishing? I'm thinking of bream fishing mostly, but I'll be after flatties too and hopefully would like to chase a few pelagics in the summer.

If it doesn't make a difference to the fish I am inclined to choose a bright coloured yak so I can be seen (and not run over) easily. :shock:

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I bought a yellow one for that reason "visibilaty :shock: :shock: " but I have since heard a few rumours going around sharks like yellow things :? Apparently Bream dont like the yellow colour at all but im sure there are plenty of yakers hear that will tell you they have caught good bream in there yaks?

Who knows or has time to research these things, what matters most is you choose a yak suits your purpose and sticks out a bit so as to avoid stink boaters.

Milt said:
Apparently Bream dont like the yellow colour at all but im sure there are plenty of yakers hear that will tell you they have caught good bream in there yaks?
I chose yellow for the safety aspect. I have one of the biggest, yellowest yaks there is and I regularly catch bream, some of good size, from it.

Really interested to see where this goes.
I agree that you probably need to do a lot of research in different yaks over time but I suppose I was wondering whether people choose their color (if you bought new) for a specific reason.

We (myself included) often swear by certain colours lures for certain conditions.

Also I noticed the Hobie "Fisherman" series displays their yaks in a stealthy sort of green colour in all their ads. Probably it's just a marketing thing, but I wondered whether there was something behind it.

In the long run I suppose there is something to be said about cacthing less fish in hot pink yak than being run over in a camoflagued yak with a couple of 40cm bream in your bucket :)
Yup, I like the safer option, not hot pink though!!! :shock:

You sound as though you have my problem: Just one more cast, just one more cast, just one more cast eiiikkkkk does it ever end???

Good question.

I tend to think about it this way, dark green/camo coloured yaks are great for camouflague from above when your hiding amonst trees/reeds, stuff that is actually green!
I don't see how this would benefit a fisherman. Maybe a duck hunter!

Think about mother natures natural camouflague, specifically fish.

Most fish are darker on top, and white/pale underneath, this provides camouflague from both above and below. A white belly is far less visible when viewed from below than a darker colour.

If you follow this principal, the most 'stealthy' colour of kayak is actually a WHITE, or off white/light coloured kayak. And also if you follow this methodology, a yellow kayak is actually going to be LESS visible from below that a camo green kayak.

When in doubt, always look to mother nature for advice :wink:
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I wanted a yellow/mango coloured one for 'above water' visibilty, but ended up with a blue one as it was the only one left and I couldn't wait another 6 weeks for the next shipment from the states. however I'm now glad I did get the blue one

I've just had a thought!! what about a 'see through' kayak made of clear plastic??

can this be done?? :? I wonder if there's a material that is see through (perspex style) that can be molded effectively into a SOT??

would give 'ultimate' camoflague from below and would also help the paddler to spot fish, like a glass bottomed boat!

Aha...me thinks I should patent this idea! 8)
What if you get tiped off. You might never find your yak again :wink:
rawprawn said:
What if you get tiped off. You might never find your yak again :wink:
aaargh.. hadn't thought of that! :roll: :wink:
I reckon if a bream is going to be put off by a kayak, i think it'd have more to do with the fact the kayak is a large object, potentially meaning trouble, and not so much whether or not its a certain colour. There aren't too many large predators that are brightly coloured, but if these preds they're cruising through its their size that will scare the hell out of smaller fish, and not so much their colour.

Additionally, unless its a very bright day and the water is shallow and clear, i think the underside of a kayak at least will be fairly dark and shaded(?)

Having said all that (hey it could be a load of crap!), maybe fish like bream are affected by something like this?? Its is possible.

Maybe you could the large pelagic colour scheme, with light below to blend in with sky above as dalboi mentioned?

While the effect of yak colour on fish is debatable, i don't think safe yak colours are. I'd definitely be choosing a fairly high vis colour if I was buying another yak. I'm pretty sure its standard across the country that there are some very questionable stinkboat drivers out there that don't give 2 hoots about who else is on the water.

one question Davey, how do you camoflague your arse end from the fish? :wink:
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Mushi said:
one question Davey, how do you camoflague your arse end from the fish? :wink:
you wear a pair of mirrored pants......duh!

or, how about some pants (underpants) with pictures of SX40's on them? Instant bream attractors!
Mirror pants LOL :D :D :D

I know i have seen a kayak / canoe out there on the net that was made of clear plastic, maybe on the old forum somewhere??? I like the idea of white hulled yak too.

d'oh... someone's already invented it!!!

isn't that always the way??

by the way, does the girl in the bikini come with the kayak? :shock:
What a stunner hey? The kayak I mean :?

I want one of those, I wonder how much they are???

Hmmm about $1300 US for the Mokini minus the babe :( :( :(

Yeh that yak would be good for clam spotting on the reef. The seat may obstruct the view somewhat. But a very good idea.
Guys, I don't know what all the fuss is about, there is only one colour you should all consider and that would be PURPLE

I don't know about the fish catching qualities of said colour, but at least you'd look very cool....... :lol:
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I don't know what would frighten fish more, looking up to see a brightly colored Kayak or my backside staring down at them! :)

Might be a cruelity to animals issues there!
Hi Guys,

The reason I chose a camo boat is that is NOT purple.

Seriously though, I really don't know what is visible to fish or not. Logic, seems to indicate a white or sky blue coloured hull might be less visible to a fish on the bottom.

My argument against this is that all the big predators also havea whitish bottom too. In choosing a camo fishing yak, I was attempting to imitate a drifting log. Generally, I target bream and yellow fin whiting in pretty clear and shallow water, I stop paddling some distance away, and quietly ghost in to within casting distance. I have ghosted right over solid beam in this manner in about a metre of water and they didn't seem spooked at all.

From what I have seen of half-wit stink boaters, You caould be paddling a flashing neon sign and some of them wouldn't see you. i just try to keep out of their way.
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