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kayak cart idea

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I've been looking at the kayak carts people have been making and come up with a idea at work today.
I have got all the parts from a victa lawn mower and started cutting and welding on my lunch break.
I don't think it will be as flash as the others I’ve seen but I thought when you have mower parts everywhere a angle grinder and a mig welder It's worth a try.


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haha smart idea mate... i know id rather build one then pay wot ever amount of money it is for a good trailer ($150 or so)

troy, yeah I hope it works.
I'm trying to get it finished to try on the weekend so hopfully it goes ok.
I got it finished today but won't try it on the yak until tomorrow.


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that really doesnt look that dogie for a home brand yak kart... good work sam!... lets just hope it doesnt fall to pieces when it comes to the test! :p

Thanks troy,
I tryed it over the weekend and it works great.
I gave it a bit of a test and I dont think it will fall apart but if I get salt water on it it would probably rust fairly easy.
Nice wheels Sam !!! 8)
They look like a set I made awhile back, mine just didn't look quite so proffessional :) but they worked... how do u secure the yak to the kart?
Goodluck with Kart

Good effort with the cart Sam. Those wheels might struggle a bit in the soft sand though.
Regards Scupper
Nice one Sam, and alternaive wheel might be the wide Hard plastic Golf buggy wheels. The Hobie's basic cart uses those and I have found them good on both sand and hard surfaces
thanks guys.
yes the wheels might struggle in sand, I'll have to have a look around at some others and see what I can come up with.
here is how I secure the yak to the kart.


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the same way but with a rubber strap


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:D fishing Russ
You really should start thinking about letting it go now mate.............Russ ..................Are you listening?????????? Think of your ulcer for god sakes. :wink:
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