Kaloud Aura Premium Hookah Charcoal, Are you using the right type of charcoal for your hookah sessions?
Kaloud Aura Premium Hookah Charcoal, The indulgence you get from a hookah session depends on two key factors: tobacco and coal. It’s not enough that you choose fresh, premium tobacco. You also have to consider the agent you’re using to burn the leaves. And yes, no two types of charcoal are the same.
Selecting your hookah charcoal is not as straight forward and easy as it seems. You have to think about its burning time, smoke, hardness, and other factors. But there’s one thing you can’t go wrong with: Kaloud Aura shell charcoal. It’s an option preferred by 78% of hookah smokers, and we’re offering it right here.
Have a satisfying hookah experience every time with the Coco Platinum Coconut Shell Charcoal!
With these coconut shell briquettes, you can keep your fire going for longer. It burns 3 times more than quick light coals, giving you more mileage with each cube. It doesn’t produce as much smoke, plus it retains the true flavor and taste of your shisha.
These charcoal cubes are made from carefully selected coconut shells. Each briquette is packed densely so it stays intact and provides consistent heat. It has no chemical contents or sulfur, which means it’s good for the planet. Unconvinced that’s the case? Our product leaves only 3% of ashes once it’s fully burned out.
Our coal is a practical purchase, too. You can easily use it outside of shisha and hookah sessions. You can burn your bakhoor with it or grill some nicely marinated meat on the barbecue. Or, take it with you when you head out to camp or hike to make fires without a hitch.
Take a closer look at these other product details:
  • 100% natural Kaloud Aura
  • Item weight: 0.5 kg
  • Package dimensions: 9.3 cm x 4.8 cm x 14 cm
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Buy Kaloud Aura Premium Hookah Charcoal
Kaloud Aura Premium Hookah Charcoal

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