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G'day guys I've decided to join up after visiting your site a few times and think it is agreat site. I have been a land based angler for quite a while . The Mrs wasn't happy with the idea of me buying a boat, so after looking at a few kayak fishing sites I decided to buy a kayak instead which has kept every one happy. I end up buying a Dagger Kayman off E bay and bought it new and saved between 300 & 400 dollars on it. Only taken it out for a paddle a couple of times so far just to get use to the yak. Have just started fitted it 2 rod holds behind the cockpit & crate with drink bottle holder. Over the Christmas break I'm looking forward to try fishing out of it. Future plans for the yak inclued anchor trolley , forward rod holder & maybe a fish finder.
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Welcome cat fish. Good luck with the fitout and look forward to your reports
Hi Catfish, great to have you on the forum, get that yak fitted out & get into it regards Mal.
Unfortunately, due to the change in ownership of this web site and the lack of response by the owners to my requests to remove my email address from all administrative-level notifications and functionality, I have decided to remove my posts on AKFF. Thank you for the great times, the fantastic learning experiences and the many many fish. If you are desperate for the old content of this particular post, it is available below base64 encoded and bzip2 compressed.




Make sure you post some pics of your yak when you complete your set of goals rigging it up, we really are starting to get a great diverse range of people and yaks on here... look forward to talking crap with you! :twisted:
cat fish welcome mate, be sure to come along to any planned trips in you area, you will meet some good blokes and get a few ideas.

Rigged Kayaks is worth looking at as you do the fitout on your yak, many ideas in there
Welcome cat fish
You'll be able to target some of the logan river jacks.
Welcome to the forum mate.

Catch ya Scott
occy said:
You are one sick puppy Yakatak. I like it. :lol:
Thanks, of course I stole the pic from someone else's post on another fishing forum, I have stuff all skills in the graphix dept.
Hi Cat Fish

It's a great move into a kayak, and even better if you've been only land-based before. You probably won't ever feel the need for a bigger boat and if you do, take your kayak out for a fish.
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