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Just joined - TB2

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Just wanted to say Hi and it is great to join the forum

Even managed to put my first question to the team ( see beginners questions)

I am wondering how the Sydney guys feel aboput new comers joining up for one of their weekend morning expiditions or due you want someone with a bit more experience before they join in ( i almost plucked up the courage for the balmoral burn last Sunday).

By the way - i tried to get a picture on but seemed to run into a few difficulties - any suggestions if you want to use a picture OTHER than one on the gallery.

Thanks for all the work that has been put into the forum & the great ideas - especialy the "do it your self" and the "rigger kayaks" sections
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David, my kayaking experience has been limited to 6 trips (including test drive) in the last 6 weeks. My second trip was out with the guys to Bluefish Point, and there has been excellent tolerance for the newby (me), despite questionable (but improving) driving skills. I think enthusiasm is the most important prerequisite, one of these days I'll get around to getting an SX40 as well. Look forward to seeing you out there. BTW the Balmoral Burn was more like the Balmoral Blow.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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