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JUNE Fishing Competition - WINNERS!

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Hi everyone and welcome to the June round of the AKFF fishing competition!!

The aim of this competition is to encourage all AKFFers to get out for a yakfish either by themselves or with a group of others in their area during the competition period. Hopefully, this will lead to more AKFF members meeting each other, discovering new waters and catching more fish!!.

As with any competition there are some rules, but i'll make them brief. We are relying on the honesty of AKFF members to make this competition a fun social event.

Competition Overview - Fish entered in the competition must be caught from a kayak or from a place you have accessed by your kayak. Fish must be caught during the competition period and must be photographed at time of capture or as soon as practical afterwards. (Date imprint on photo preferred). Fish must be photographed against a measuring device with the measurement able to be seen. Fill in the following details for each entry and enter it in this thread along with the photo by the cut off date (in this case Friday 9th June 5pm) and you're away. Details to be included with your entries are as follows:-

Fish Type:
Date/Time of Capture:
Location of Capture:
Method of Capture:

Competition Period - From 1st June (Thursday) until 7th June (Wednesday) inclusive. The week long timeframe has been agreed on by the majority of members as being the most fair system to allow as many AKFF members as possible to get out for a yakfish.

What can be entered? - Any fish of legal length can be submitted as an entry and all fish will be considered for awards. Prizes are bragging rights only, however the mods/admin may be awarding some 'special' prizes if and when available.

Special Note - Entries will be judged not just by the size of the fish, but also by the quality of the photo and the story accompanying the entry. Please enusre that your photos are of good quality and that your comments tell the tale of how the fish was landed.

The judges decision is final.

Good luck and we are all looking forward to the photos and stories!

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wow - a complete new section for the monthly comp!! Awesome. Looking forward to seeing the results as unfortunately i'll be living vicariously (and jealously) through the photos of those who enter...damn work! good luck everyone.
Just a reminder to all that the JUNE Competition kicks off (or should that be paddles off??) tomorrow.

As an extra incentive, there are 2 x KFISH subscriptions which will be given away this month. One will be given away to a 'randomly selected' entrant (not necessarily the biggest/best fish) and another will be given away to the fisherman who posts the best photo. This will be judged via a poll.

In terms of the incentive to catch the biggest/best fish, as previously mentioned 'bragging rights' are definitely on offer here. However we will be also implementing a 'pointscore system' where the top 10 anglers will be awarded points.

these points will be carried over from month to month with the angler/s who have the most points at year end also eligible for a prize.

So, your mission, if you choose to accept it is to GO FISHING!

Entries should be posted in this thread.

Good luck!!!
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Name: Shane/LizardWizard
Fish Type: Bass
Length: 37cm
Date/Time of Capture: Monday 5th June 2006, 1pm
Location of Capture: Hinze Dam, eastern arm
Rig: 2kg fireline, 8lb leader.
Knots: Bimini, Bristol, Palomar
Method of Capture: Trolling a hard body lure: Halco RMG P50 3M Poltergiest

Comment: while fishing with Dodge (Richo) out at Hinze Dam this morning (Monday 5th June 2006)... (full story in the Trip Reports section)

i started off the day by not securing my kayak, and i had to swim into the Hinze Dam to get it back, it was cold out there i tell ya, FREEZING COLD.

Dodge and i trolled and cast all the way down the eastern arm to a place we now know as Dalbois Rocks, on the return we saw a tinny, that was trying soooo hard to keep one step ahead of the deadly rigs used by kayak fisherman, back near the ramps, dodge crossed over to the rock wall side, but i persisted in following the tinny fisherman...

and i was successfull, not more than 50m from him, on territory he had only just trolled and cast over, i caught a 37cm Bass, OH YEA, first meal size Bass.
as i was loading the fish into the stubby cooler bag i got jabbed on the thumb webbing.. blood everywhere, and the pain.. ouchies :(

i proceded to follow up the first slap in the face by doing a sweep of the area and catching a second fish while he kept doing his boat thing, whatever boaties do in their boats, it sure aint fishing ;)

the tinny sped off, and he loaded his car and was gone before you could say "i know how to catch bass at hinze dam" .. i guess he didnt want to hear any more of my loud cheering with every catch :)

see the proof


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Name: PoddyMullet/Rob
Fish Type: Snapper
Length 54cm
Date/Time of Capture: Sat 3 June, 2pm
Location: Ricketts Point Port Phillip Bay
Method: Trolling 9cm Storm Deep Thunderstick (Walleye color)
Comment: (from trip reports)

Myself and my beach towel "Roller Disco" took on Ricketts Point this afternoon, our first winter effort for 06. A low tide lunchtime departure didn't enthuse us on fish prospects much, nor did witnessing the early boaties leaving to be replaced by afternoon bookings. But a lazy WTF, at least a paddle to be had. After an hour we ventured our trailing Storm Thundersticks through the end of a boaties burley trail, and hoiked up a PB Yak trolled snapper of about 55cm. Yippee, I did an on water high five with Roller...who remained strangely silent. A couple more hours yielded some more pinkies around the 30cm mark, all C&R. A squid was added just before we pulled stumps, as was the day's biggest head shaking from one boated bloke who thought I was an idiot for being in yak. Water off a Mullet's back my friend, get yerself a fish. Back on the dry, Roller quickly kept my ego in check by finding me a dog shit to step in...the second time in three outings down there.

Kevin, the best Pinkie patch I found was around 50-100m off the marine park boundary between the teahouse and Beau Yacht Club. Squid about as well, and the Ian Jones report was talking whiting further up the bay off North Rd. Good luck

On water measurements were deemed ambitious by weights and measures the morning after, and I was taxed 1cm...leaving a 54cm comp entry. Who's going to be the first company to come up with an "Anglers Paddle" complete with a shaft which has a glassed in clearly visible measure and high visibity fluro blades? They got my bucks.


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Not all that clear adjudicators, I understand if ya toss it :wink:


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fish type:yellowfin tuna
date"3 june 2006
comment:jigged up a few live yaks and put one bait down on a down rigger and one out on the surface.it was a howling ofshore of about 20knots and an increasing se swell of 2.5meters.to my delight (and disapointment) both rods took of.screeeeee!!!!!!.now what to do fighting two fish one on the bottom and one on the surface and on the drift with a 20 knot ofshore.anyway fighting fish when i check my gps and i was now getting close to 3km ofshore and battling to see land as i went up and down the swell!!!!!.a decision was made to cut one line and try and get one fish in and head for land.i cut the one down deep as a thought the one on the surface would be easier to get in.and it was my nice yellowfin


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Name: Fish wouldn't tell me its name.
Fish Type: estuary cod
Length: 38 cm or even a bit more
Date/Time of Capture: 1 June, 1 pm or so
Location of Capture: Ritamada shoals, between Emu Park & Yeppoon, CQld
Method of Capture: blue/white Nilsmaster trolled, 7 kg fireline/9 kg wire trace
Comment: Paddled around small rock island as it looked 'fishy'. 2nd time around, bang, the cod hit and I managed to keep it from holing up in the rocks. :lol: I was a happy chappy!


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LAST CHANCE TO SUBMIT ENTRIES TODAY.. (note fish must have still been caught in comp period 1-7 June)

If you're not in it, you wont win it! Remembers there are some prizes this month such as KFISH subscriptions etc, so if you caught a fish in the comp period, enter the details in this thread by 5pm today
woo, 4 entries.. i can see this is gonna be a close one.....

will it be the colourful cod?
the beautiful bass?
the silver snapper?
or the tasty tuna?

who will reign supreme as the greatest fisherman of June?

i wait with powerbaited breath ;)
After a flood of entries....whew...it took MINUTES to sort through them all, :wink: the decision has been reached on this months comp winners.

:D :D :D

Firstly, a big CONGRATS to those that actually managed to get out and into a few fish. For the rest of us, well, better luck next time... :cry:

As advised, this months comp had a couple of prizes attached to it. The first being for the best fish photo was awarded to a lovely snap of a Ricketts Point Snapper by Poddymullet... 8) well done mate.

The 'other' award was a randomly selected winner from the remaining entries (and boy did we need a big hat to fit all these entries into!). Drum roll please........The lucky selected winner was couta1 with his yellowfin tuna.

Congrats to both PoddyMullet and Couta1 - they have both won a years subscription to the new K-FISH magazine.

To the other entrants, Lizardwizard and Troppo, congrats on actually catching SOMETHING!! this month.....you're obviously doing better than the rest of us!

ps. results of poll relating to this comp will be known end of next week - the poll is running for 2 weeks. After that time the new format etc will be announced.

Cheers. Dave
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Congratulations to Poddy & Couta1, and to LW and Troppo.

I'm sure this comp will develop and that kinder weather will see more entries. In the meantime don't forget that your fish photos are always welcome and that some will be immortalised in The Mariner Hall of Fame.

Tip: Have a look at photos published in fishing magazines, particularly how they are framed and the lighting, and remember the next time you're about to snap your own or a mate's catch of the day. To me Poddy's snapper photo was a clear winner in this respect, even though it was one of a few good fish.
Cheers fish yakkers, a K Fish subscription with a read about BillyBob's big fish adventures and who knows what else will be something I'll keep hassling the postie for. Yeah I know it's not out until Sept but I'm keen to have a gawk. Good onya Linz and Admin/Moderators for getting some prizes on board. Congrats to couta1, lizard wizard and troppo for some fine hauls, I'm with Peril I reckon once it warms the comp will grow into a mighty beast :D I think I just saw a postie going past.....
thanks for the subscription and the prize.i look forward to the magazine.great that we got some prizes and incentives on board.hopefully more guys will submit entries.just one question?.how will you know were to send my subscription to?
Couta 1, mate i sent you a pm asking you to pm your contact details to Linz. I also sent him a pm advising him that you will be contacting him.

Catch ya Scott
congrats to the winners! Will be interesting to see how the vote goes in regards to how the future comps will be run.

My goal this year is to get a work weekend off that coincides with the competition, go fishing, catch a decent fish and have my camera working - all at once :? it's going to take some serious planning :wink:
Congratulations to all winners on a job well done :D . Heres hoping this comp grows stronger and stronger, especially when summer comes around.

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