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Well Guys

I get my yak tommorrow. A blue Tempo fisherman. I will be up at Caloundra for the next two weeks, so if you see a blue yak about, it probly be me.

I will be off the air so to speak in here for 2 weeks, when I get back I want to have a paddle and a fish with some of you. I'm hooked.

My friend picked up his Predator today and he's as keen as mustard too.

This forum is so great, hope to meet up with some of you in the future.

See Ya's in two weeks.


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YakAtak said:
That's so exciting Mac, look forward to seeing you at wivenhoe when we both have a free weekend. :D
Why not 12 or 13 August at bigW, show us the new yak and meet a few blokes :wink:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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