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G'day fellas,

Here's a few photos of my sink, I just fitted a scotty rod holder up front today :shock: (cut'n holes is scary stuff) :). Its a Clearwater Designs Inuvik. I got her for snooping around the local moorings, terrorizing the bream and (fingers crossed) rat king population this summer :twisted: .
The large cockpit was what first attracted me to the Inuvik and it should suit my favored style of fishing, I'm not planning any offshore trips but looking around the forums I'm starting to see the advantages of a sot.

let us know what you think.




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Nice rig Anthony.

Would love to join you down on the Hacking one day.
Like it a lot mate,
How long is it?
NATURELINE -wanderer,osprey&mermaid
Thanks guys

Dave, sounds good. Have to organise a day on the Hacking some time this summer,

Mick, shes 13ft long.
Hi Anthony your sink looks good nice set up.We will have to meet for a fish soon on the Hacking :)
Cheers Benjamin
G'day Ben

Sounds good, I'm planning a fish one arvo next week. Let us know if you'd like to come out.

A damn fine looking SIK, Anthony. I like the size of the cockpit, useful for fishing.

It touched a nerve with me as I've been to the town of Inuvik - a couple of hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle in western Canada. I rode a motorbike up there just over twenty years ago, about 700 kms of dirt road each way . I always wanted to go back in something like a camper van with a couple of kayaks on the top to really explore the back country up there.

Inuvik is on the McKenzie River delta, so in summer there's rivers and water everywhere - top kayak & canoe country! And with mosquitos big enough to shoot & eat! I once had aT-shirt proclaiming the mosquito as the national bird of Alaska (not far to the west).

Thanks Dave,

It sounds like awsome country, would love to travel that part of the world one day.
Thanks Dave,

It sounds like awsome country, would love to travel that part of the world one day.
Hi again camel,
re-visited your post. The more I look at you boat, the more I like it.

Where did you buy it.

Bought a Finn SINK 2nd hand the other day and not real happy with it. i only wanted it for bouncing off rocks in the rapids in the mary river up here but the wife and i went up the river yesterday and saw a lot of good size fish. going back tomorrow in the bloody finn to try for them. will let you know how I go.

NATURELINE, wanderer, osprey & mermaid
FINN barge.
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G'day mick

I got mine direct from Seafarer a couple of moths after checking them out at the Sydney Boat Show. They said they did not sell direct to the public when I rang, but after I mentioned the boat show they said come in. I don't think Clearwater have been in the country long because I could not find much Australian based info on them. But I'm sure they would have a QLD based dealer.
I'm very happy with her, not sure if she is all that fast ( don't have anything to compare to) but I have been pretty happy cruising around. She is very stable and there is allot of cockpit space and plenty room up front.
I just saw the pics of your Natureline Wanderer nice looking boat, looks fast!


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