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Introducing SharkBait I and SharkBait II

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After buying a Viking Ozzie earlier this year for a casual paddle and occasional fish I have since been hooked on kayak fishing. So it was time to upgrade...

The Mariner kindly sourced two secondhand Swings and fitted them out with his professional touch and shipped them to Melbourne.

Half of the fun of kayak fishing is working out what else to fit onboard so the sounder, adjustable rod holder & light will come later.

I didn't really need two kayaks but my wife didn't complain too much and I can now encourage my friends to give it a go. I intend to target Gummy Sharks in WesternPort over summer hence the name of the kayaks. I just hope I don't attract their toothy cousins. :shock:

My wife thinks I mad but is happy enough because the alternative is $30k of fibreglass sitting in the driveway :D
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good looking yaks there.... now you have to convince the wife to join you for a paddle every now and again or even try her hand at fishing

It will be nice to have your wife accompanying you. Mine is going to be having a paddle on the local lake soon however I don't think that I could ever convince her to board a yak called "SHARKBAIT"!

Look forward to seeing you both out on the water.
Gday Hoit nice pair of yaks cool colours do they still come in those colours as i have not seen that colour blend before :) very nice
Cheers Benjamin
Same colour as my Swing. A bit different than the 'mango' you see a lot of.
Get out there and knock a few on the head. A good place to try is down at San Remo in western port. You can pick up good whiting, squid and snapper drifting on an outgoing tide past the sand dunes out to Cape Woolami and then use the incomming tide to come back in. Youll have a ball when the 'elephants' run again early in the new year.
My wife is happy to come out for a paddle but isn't too keen to fish :(

The kayaks are several years old and according to Phil, Perception change the colors every year.

I'm keen to try different spots in WesternPort but will need to do my homework first to understand the tidal flows. It would be great to get the other Mangoes down to target the elephants.

Yak congrats Grant, fine looking boats. If white is this seasons black, tangerine/blue could be the new Mango :D
Great looking kayaks
nice colour as well

From underneath, the paint scheme may look a little like a baby whale bleeding profusely from its head, so the name 'Shark Bait' is probably appropriate!

Nice looking machines.
Yes I agree great looking colours. If there are any Hobie Dealers reading this, it would be great to see an Adventure Island done similar.
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