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Run a swivel thru mainline and attach a snapper lead to a 30cm leader from the swivel. Lock off the running swivel with another swivel the same size and attach a 45 cm leader to your livebait hook. Make sure the leaders are 40-60lb.

Drop the livey to the bottom and crank the reel 3 or 4 times. This should get you a metre off the bottom. Drift it very slowly.

Other trick is to cast 6" soft plastics into the breakwall while on the drift.

Good luck - I mainly chase jew off the rocks and would rate you a better chance if you chucked big softies into the deep wash gutters on the surf side of South wall for an hour around sunset (Walk 3/4 of the way up the wall). 30lb mainline, 2 metre double and one metre of 60lb leader. Even better if you get there around the new moon.
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