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ILUKA 1/11-7/11

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Heading down to Iluka for around a week 1/11-7/11 no particular plans other than to explore and fish some spots I havent got to on the kayak around there particularly around Woods Bay and Frazers Reef. If anyone is keen on any of these days get in touch.
I will be fishing down there a fair bit now as I have previously fished the rocks and beaches over a number of years, and holidayed down there, another family went halves with us in renting a townhouse permanently as we worked out it was a better option to pay $150 a week all year rather than $800+ we pay during the peak times and then we can go when we want, the place we got is 150m form the river and a 5min drive to the Bluff so I should get lots of opportunities to figure the place out, as for such prime territory I have struggled to consistently get good fish there. I am particularly looking forward to having a go at the longtails as I have cast from the wall before but hopefully hooking one in the kayak should be a hoot.
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