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how to store the swing??

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hey guys,

i did notice another post on how to store your yak, however it doesnt really address the swing in particlular with most attention paid to the esprit.

I was thinking of just putting some webbing loops underneath a shelf in the garage and hanging it in on the side, is this the best way???
also i have seen people mention never storing bottom down, why is this??

any help is much appreciated, i have to move it from where it is soon as its in the lounge room hehe
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That's not a bad idea - webbing loops under a shelf.

Why not bottom down, because during heat the pastic may demform - and this will affect the tracking of the kayak. However not everyone finds this to be the case.

I made some racks - see DIY post, works ok.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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