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How about Hobie Quest....

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How about Hobie Quest.... Anyone on here have one?

Been thinking Prowler or Swing, now a Hobie Quest has come into the equation also.

The Hobie Quest(this is the one without the pedals) with the lot comes in at the same price as a Prowler 13 with the lot. So I am giving this yak some consideration also.

Except for the Hobie dealers that look in here occasionally does anyone else have anything good to report about these?

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I have one!!!

Great yak! Couldn't be more happy. Dry, high and very, very comfortable. Lots of space and heaps of places to put stuff. It's very stable and you can easily fit a 50 Litre esky and a 6 pack (bait) esky in the back well. Also, you can put rods down in the hull through the front hatch to get past the breakers.

I never get more than moisture in the hull (and I've had it out for a while day at a time), the rudder is great for manueverability and the seat is reasonably comfy.

The only ting I've found with it is that while it's capable of going through surf to get out, it can be a bit of a wetter and more rough ride than some of the other yaks with upturned prows.

Finally, the current model may be a little different - I seem to remember there were some minor changes since I got mine a couple of years ago, but overall I'm sure it's still a great yak.

Have a great time and I'd be interested to hear how your trial went.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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