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Housten, we have a problem.....(Prowler Elite)

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Hmmm...... :(

Went to look at the Prowler tonight after work to form a plan of attack for tomorrow night, after work I was going to fit my Scotty Triple, Transducer Mount and Sounder etc.

When sticking my head inside the hull and having a good look around I noticed an unusual amount of light penetrating some sections of the top half of the hull.

There are a few sections of the hull which are worryingly thin. A couple of sections in particular are causing me some serious concern.

At the top of the 'Transducer Scupper' the walls of the circular section is so thin it allows 4-5 times the amount of light thru than other sections. I'd estimate the plastic in this area is so thin it would barely be 1mm thick. Possibly not even this thick!

I can easily push it with ONE finger without any real effort and feel the bulge on the other side of the plastic with the other hand.

There are a couple of other sections on the top half of the hull, particularly in the footwell area which are not a great deal thicker and are allowing quite a lot of light through the hull.

I am thinking of returning it to Anaconda and telling them I am not happy with the hull. OK kayaks only carry a 12 month warranty so I'm not keen to take a 'wait and see' approach when I have invested so much money into the thing already.

Also not sure what to do for this weekend.......I can still carry out the fitout tomorrow night and wet the Prowler for the first time, or leave it on the wall at home and use the already rigged Tarpon. :(
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Its a good thing that we take our kayaks seriously. Just imagine the outcome, say if for instance a total newbie at the sport, saw one hanging on the wall, and thought yep that will do nicely, and just paddles off into testing conditions and gets permanantly wiped out!
Perhaps they should be electronically tested... like condoms :shock:

Cheers Andybear.... and good luck with your claim :lol:
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