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Hope your FF doesn't pick up anything like this

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Hi all
On the news today they said they found the body of that Irish guy who went after a ball into the surf at Coogee beach a week ago and disappeared. It seems they found his REMAINS at Gordon's Bay, Clovelly. Great! that's where I live and put in my kayak to fish around Clovely/Coogee. Would not have liked to have bumped into him...or what was left of him. Poor guy.
I remember years ago I went out with the shark meshers off Sydney and when pulling in the nets they found a rock fisherman in them. He had waders on and all. Hadn't been in the water for long, but still not a pretty sight.
Guess we all have to be prepared to see the best and worst on the water.

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A guy up the road from me had his boat requisitioned by the cops at the boat ramp one saurday morning and had to take the cop under one of the bridges on the Georges river because they had a jumper of the bridge. They (mate and cop) get to the body and the cop tried to get him to help pull the body out of the water and into the boat!! This didn't happen. Anyway they waited with the body in the water until the water police started at 9am!!

Not the start that you want to a fishing trip. Still i suppose that is another advantage of owning a yak and not a stink boat!!
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