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Hope your FF doesn't pick up anything like this

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Hi all
On the news today they said they found the body of that Irish guy who went after a ball into the surf at Coogee beach a week ago and disappeared. It seems they found his REMAINS at Gordon's Bay, Clovelly. Great! that's where I live and put in my kayak to fish around Clovely/Coogee. Would not have liked to have bumped into him...or what was left of him. Poor guy.
I remember years ago I went out with the shark meshers off Sydney and when pulling in the nets they found a rock fisherman in them. He had waders on and all. Hadn't been in the water for long, but still not a pretty sight.
Guess we all have to be prepared to see the best and worst on the water.

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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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