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Hope I can answer some of the question you were afraid 2 ask

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Well the new yak has arrived and the first paddle went well

Thought i'd post a few things that i felt would be to silly to ask! but should of (bet i'm not the only one). Anyone with more experience please feel free to correct or give adivce

1. If the rods are behind you in the holders how do you know if you have a fish on?
Have the drag set low and when a fish hits of it goes (sorry wasn't that lucky first time out but did hook a mooring on the way out from the ramp)

2. HINT: when setting up boat make sure to take all travel straps are off! especially the rudder strap or you paddle away from the shore and start pulling at the rudder cords to no avail :?

3. Don't worry if you drop your paddle overboard they float! but do have a leash

4. Don't start trowling until clear of the moored boats. If this is extremely nessacary keep an eye out for the lure and don't hook the yatch on the outer edge 2 boats west of the ramp :shock:

5. Ask questions on here DON"T join a kayak lesson full of tourist ( they launched at the same time as me OMG the screaming and shriking was unbearable) :roll:
HINT if this happens to you paddle the other way quickly. I'm sure all the sharks were attracted towards them

Thats lesson one from Daves school of experiential learning. Feel free to ad your lessons and stay tuned for more.

Sorry Shaned I've heard that water is wet but didn't find out (wooh whoo :p )

Cheers Dave


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Good stuff, Justcrusin32. Learning is all part of the fun. With rods behind ya, I found the drag on one of my reels was loud enough to hear but others wouldn't make a sound I could hear above the splashing and gurgling (and that is not me having a drink). Also, if I tilt my head back far enough to try and see the rod tip behind me, I get dizzy and nearly fall in. That's why I started putting the fishing rod forward.
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