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Well 3.30 on Tuesday afternoon meant the beginning of holidays for me. 8 weeks of no school! As you can imagine i was stoked. It also meant i will have alot of time to develop better skills and catch many fish in my new found passion of kayak fishing. I have recently stocked up on all my tackle including a new Shakespeare baitcaster reel, which i have loaded with 10 pound tri line and 15 pound berkley vanish (along with my spinning outfit which is loaded with 6 pound fireline, and leader being 8-10 pound vanish. i have all up about 15 packets of berkley soft plastics of all shapes and sizes (2-5 inch, power minnows, gulps, saltwater gulps e.t.c) in colours ranging from the clearest of colours, for gin clear water, to the brightest colours, for fishing after heavy rain when the water is very murky. And amazingly i have caught fish with all of them exept for the few packets which i am yet to try (but cant wait, as they look very promising). But as yet i am not expierienced with kayak fishing, as i have only been out twice, inbetween year 10 exams and 2 VCE exams.

I launch from mentone beach (right next to my home) and on two occasion i have been fishing out off table rock, with little success (one pinky just legal at 30 cm, could do better off pier) but i was relatively close in about 20m out from marine park.
QUESTION: How far out and where around this area would give me the best chance of catching my first good sized, juicy pinky. Most likely i will be going out about 6.30 tomorrow morning so if you can reply please do so ASAP :p :twisted:
Secondly what size softplastics should i be using, have had success on pinkies on both 3 inch and 5 inch, but not around this area.

Any questions you wish to ask me i will be more than happy to help, as i have been fishing for many years (just not from a kayak) :p
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Hiya Fish, the Ricketts area seems a bit quiet for pinkies at the moment. That's probably the case with a lot of Port Phillip's inner reefs. Not to say the odd one isn't still about, just a little tame until they move back in from being frisky in deeper waters. Don't despair though, as some other targets might be worth a crack (flathead, whiting, garfish, snook, squid, snotty nose trevalla, coutta). I'm not much of a bait fisho, but possibly the best way to fish that area at the moment alongside ya Sp's would be with a load of berley and unweighted/lightly weighted baits. This was how Kevin did battle with some snotties their about a month ago, and I've also seen whiting picked up close in this way. What do others think? :?: :D

Fish or no fish mate....school holidays have got to work for ya :wink:
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