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Hobie Mirage Classic

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Thought that I would post a few pics of my Mirage Classic. With the upsurge in popularity of the Hobies especially the dedicated fishing versions I thought it would be good to see what started the revolution.

Does it fish well? you bet I actually prefer it to my Mirage Sport which is probably going to be passed on shortly. Might trade up to a Revolution once they come into the country once I have had the chance to test drive one. Yes that is a downrigger and fishfinder on it.

If there is any interest in a quick change FF install will post instructions for this as the unit has to be swapped between the 2 yaks, used the same basic install for both Hobies.


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Bought the downrigger at BCF on the Gold Coast, $149, including the deck mount a 3lb bomb and release clip. I had already mounted the deck fitting on that position for a Scotty rod holder, it was as far aft as I could reach from the forward hatch to put a backing plate on the hull.

I have used "nutserts" for a lot of the fastenings on the hull but would not risk it for a high load application especially if there were $$$$$'s worth of rods in the holder.

I am much happier with the Classic hull form than the Sport which is a bit of a tub in comparison but saying that the Sport's increased stability is a real confidence boost in the early days on the water. I will really have a good look at the Revolution when it comes out here. I see my evolution in yaking, if the Revolution combines the practicality of the Sport and hull form (performance on the water) of the Classic then I could be back to a single boat.

The Classic suits me at the moment, the mods I have done to it have created a good fishing platform, through life I have tended to over complicate things in the pursuit of improvement, the Classic is a step backwards in terms of complication, a paradigm.

In 2 days (3 hours water time) over the long weekend brought more fish into the Classic than I have done in a years worth of trips in the Sport. I dont think it was the yak so much as it's inability to allow me to take everything including the kitchen sink along for the ride and loose sight of why I was out there. Took a handful of HB lures out on the Classic stuck to a game plan and it all came together, found a Salmon school on the first day and a tailor school on the second. C&R all fish with the exception of a tailor and I can say with a hand on my heart I lost count of the fish I landed during that time. Might not rate in terms of catch of the day but in terms of a shake down for the yak nothing can beat bringing a lot of fish to the boat to fine tune your techniques etc.
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Both of the Hobies have Mirage drives and I very rarely paddle them, so the rod holders etc were positioned for best access.

Yak fishing has been a bit of an eye opener, I have been fishing for 40+ years so that side of things was not an issue, combining the fishing with the kayak has been a steep learning curve. Not surprisingly the whole experience has benefited by going back to the basics, more simple set-ups and less gear.
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