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Hinze Dam, SE QLD - Sunday 3rd December (Early Morning)

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I'm keen to break the yak fishing drought and hit Hinze Dam for a fish on Saturday morning if anyone else is keen?

I am thinking of hitting the water at dawn, looks to be a good day for Bassin, overcast, muggy but not too hot......

Sunrise is apparently 4:45am, I'll be looking to hit the water around 5am, but anyone who wants to rock up a bit later let me know and we can arrange to meet near the ramp at whatever time suits.

Launching from the ramp on the Eastern side of the dam near the water tower.

I usually fish until late in the day, will probably come off the water close to midday :)
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Keen to go to Hinze but Sat morning is my little girls swimming lesson. The kid is only 19 months old and her 'sport' is already taking up some of my weekends!
I am definately in for Sunday. What type of permit do you need and can you get it online.
Cool. So can we move it to Sunday then?
5 am is good for me. I saw the exit on my way to Palm Beach the other day but wouldn't have a clue where to go. I will have a look on my map and see how I go.
Dodge - PM sent, thanks for that.

Dallas - I'll meet you near the roundabout at 4:50 am.
Excellent. So there's a good chance I can catch my first ever freshwater fish hopefully. See you at the roundabout.
1 - 6 of 36 Posts
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