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Hinze Dam GC Wednesday 23.8. 2006

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On the water for about 5 hours and my Bass virginity remains unsullied damn [I'd make a good bass moll too] :lol:

Certainly wasn't time wasted though, off Pelican Point there was a school and it is now the home of a Tilson Bass HB, but no touches, entering Jasons Joint there were schools here and there along the 5-6m rocky shore [shallower and deeper was empty], rolled a Betta Spin with 3" Pumpkinseed Shad for no result [ they are great to unsnag from reefing up], also worked a couple of Poltergeists in this arm

At one stage a bass or sara hit big time on the surface reeds at edge and was great to see :shock: threw a lure for a while in the area with no result; going to take another rod from now on rigged for the surface for those opportunities.

At the end of Jasons there is a lot of cover and looks like it may be a top arvo spot.

Only one other canoe on the western arm and none else within cooee, can't beat this mid-week fishing...if only it would produce.

Although against the grain, I think some bait may go along as well next outing on the dam; paddlings great but so is fish feed. :wink:
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Hmm, maybe there is an advantage to having vast numbers of catfish...

Glad to see it's not just me who can catch a bass at Hinze !!!
I was out there twice in the last month without so much as a touch. I must say I am new at this fresh water fishing thing so I wasnt dissapointed to come home empty - put it down to a learning experience.
I fished the eastern reach from the wall to three parts of the way to the water intake.
Must try the west side next time - I hear it fishes better.
Tried trolling slow / casting event bought some yabbie traps and set them out over night with no luck.
Have to meet you out there one day to compare our techniques and come up with a fool proof plan to fill the pan.
Your persistence has to pay off soon Richo. I've found that donating lures to the fish augurs well for future trips. (At least I keep telling myself it does)
****** said:
Have to meet you out there one day to compare our techniques and come up with a fool proof plan to fill the pan.
I'm right for a trip there anytime with a bit of notice, can't catch fish as yet in the fresh, but determined to master the local hole as its only 15mins from my place and feel its among the nicest of locations I've played in and will be leaning to late arvo when the water warms...by the way not that keen on a Sunday, but will go if no other option.
Not much to learn from me except what not to do at present...PM for a fish trip

Been fishing long enough to have patience, with fresh and lures all being new after years of salt and bait fishing.
Fresh is such a great enviroment, but when the bass result occurs it will be a sweet moment to enjoy with celebratory coldies
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