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Hinze Dam East or West??

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Howdy guys,

going to hinze for the first time on the weekend.
From past experiences which arm is better fishing east or west?

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Ken welcome

My results are nil to date, however both arms seem to produce on their day.

However if a SE wind is up the eastern arm is the more protected one to paddle, and in the deeper water
Thanks mate.
Might see you out there this weekend. Just have to get my leave pass stamped and im off to try my new bass outfit. New to this fresh water fishing thing so dont follow me.
Dont know which day or which arm im trying yet. Depends on the weather. Supposed to be raining and windy according to tonights weather report. Dont fance getting up at sparra fart to get wet and blown away.
Heya Ken,

All area's of Hinze will produce fish :)

From my experience the Western Arm seems to produce better quality fish and is great for lure casting, the Eastern Arm seems to be where I catch plenty of littlies.

I've also had days where the North Eastern section around from the main boat ramp has produced nice bags of quality fish. :)

For your first trip I'd be checking out the Western side, it fishes well and the scenery is great :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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