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Hi-speed sea kayaking

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The Hurricane Riders, a group of adventurous sea kayakers, with some good footage of surfing river waves (start at 2.50, and run 720p definition).

The spooky part comes at about 4.40, when he talks about surfing a high volume river travelling at 16 + knots :shock: . That's blistering fast! As he explains, there is the potential to break boats and paddles.

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Wow!!! I'll pass on that,
The inside of there Yaks must stink after a session like that :shock:

Possibly Ron, but they didn't just jump into that as novices. The speed of that river is amazing!

Here're some rock garden lessons:

Very very cool :shock: .Thanks for sharing.
Amazing - I wonder how many outtakes...:) thanks for sharing these
Cool, thanks kayakone. Riding the waves looks like great fun until you wipe out & get smashed! :oops:

I'm sure I would have given it a go in my twenties if I had have had the opportunity.
No time for fishing. These guys are adrenalin freaks. The level of athleticism is amazing, the buzz long lasting.....

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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