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Hi from the UK

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Hi guys,
I'm a newbie to Kayaking, just got mine a few months ago, it's getting avery popular sport in the UK.
The weather you fish in is alot different as is the type and number of fish you have.
Been fishing all my life both freshwater and salt...though the last few years i've been saltwater fly flsihing .....it's hard going over here!

The Kayak i ended up with is a Feelfree Gemini...wasn't my first choice , but the wife wanted to come on trips with me. It's not a bad yak, in fact it's prooving to be good for a novice like me.

I don't suppose i can add much to your knowledge base....but i can sure learn alot from you guys :lol:

If i think i have something that might be of interest....i'll post it.

Oh... and i'll try not to whinge to much !


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G'day !

I suppose i'd better get used to the lingo :D
I've not actually fished from the yak yet...only been able to get out a few times since i bought it...bloody work, weather and family comitments :x

Most of the guys are going over to dry suits/immersion suit set ups as the water / air temp gets low, both are about 10 c at the moment but they will drop alot more yet.

As a SWFF'er i mainly go after Bass , Mackeral (alot smaller than yours at around 1/2 kilo) and Scad..though depending where you are you could get Pollack,Whiting, Garfish and Flounder.........if you use a light set up say a 5 or 6# you get a bit of sport from even the smallest fish, with a 7 or 8# for the Bass. And quite a few now fly fish from yaks with good results on the Bass especially.

The guys who bait fish from yaks have had some good catches to, with Tope to 30lbs + and one lunatic went for a Skate and caught one of around 176lbs :shock:
I'll get a few pics together and post them up....don't know if i'm allowed to post links to other sites or not , but if i am i'll stick a few of ours up as well.
The fishing over here is under alot of pressure from comercials from all over Europe, and things are getting harder :x

I suppose i'd better add that i don't follow football,cricket or rugby....might seem a bit strange to you chaps , but we are so useless at these games sometimes that i can't get excited by them.....hope that doesen't get me banned from this site :lol:


Dave :wink:
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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