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Hi from the UK

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Hi guys,
I'm a newbie to Kayaking, just got mine a few months ago, it's getting avery popular sport in the UK.
The weather you fish in is alot different as is the type and number of fish you have.
Been fishing all my life both freshwater and salt...though the last few years i've been saltwater fly flsihing .....it's hard going over here!

The Kayak i ended up with is a Feelfree Gemini...wasn't my first choice , but the wife wanted to come on trips with me. It's not a bad yak, in fact it's prooving to be good for a novice like me.

I don't suppose i can add much to your knowledge base....but i can sure learn alot from you guys :lol:

If i think i have something that might be of interest....i'll post it.

Oh... and i'll try not to whinge to much !


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Dont sweat it Dave if I was over there I wouldnt follow it either :lol: If we cant give you sh*t over your countries sporting prowess maybe we can talk politics :p oh sh*t another dead end.

Tony, Tony, ahh just cant think of his name :lol:

Great to have you along mate and look forward to your post's.

:D fishing Russ
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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