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G'day Mate!

Ive been on the forum a lil over a yr now and thought i should introduce myself and give back to source of alot inspiration and jealousy in the hope my story brings on such inspiration and jealousy for someone else to pursue this great sport.

So as i said a little intro is in order. I am 25, my main interests growing up revolved around sport. Any sport would do but my talents were considerable in anything with a football. The memories i have as a child whiIe on the ocean were of my father sailing and camping and out fishing everyone with nothing but a handline. Not as interested in fishing the older he got, my interest grew as football took a back seat and fishing truly became a passion. My knowledge was limited as the only fishing i had done was offshore bottom bashing with dead bait as my father had done so many years ago. I got into yak fishing after being frustrated by being land locked and not being able to afford a boat. Study of this forum and other basic fishing sites have seen me develop in a yr more so then i could of ever thought.

After deciding i wanted to fish more seriously and not having finance for a decent tinny, i thought a kayak would be ideal even tho i have never tried it. A cheap yak that was steady and fish friendly was all i wanted. $500 later saw me with 2nd hand extreme amigo with a few extras. My local creek EIMEO was all it touched for 6 months as i live 200m from the boat ramp. Plenty of bread and butter species were caught during this period but as more experience grew so did the size and quality of fish as i started to venture off shore with more discerning strategies picked up here.

Soon i will Have some trip reports with some less then quality photos. [phone camera] but good enough to see what i am on about. An extra cheerio to the mackay yakkers and a good ole QUEENSLANDER to everyone else. Blues still throwing punches first. when they gonna learn only gallen can get away with that. ;-)
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