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help sourcing paddle pants

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I'm trying to purchase online some kayak paddle pants, specifically extra sport paddle pants (XL sizing). Our NZ distributor is having a heap of troubling getting any in (for months now) so am going to get them online either from the US or Aussie.

Can any one recommend a good online shop (somewhere not doggy) that might have them that does international orders?? please PM me with details or just post them up

PS This is not a led to any online shop or gorilla marketing, I just want to get some paddle pants as I'm sick of a wet ass :shock:
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Gday JB - try Adelaide Canoe Works. I'm not actually 'recommending' them as I don't know what their on line capabilities are. A google search will find them easy enough - they were the only place that I could find that stocked them. Mine were about $150 I think.
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