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I read on these pages recently that someone was using a sounder to find a hole, then started throwing a SX-40 around. I can't find the thread, but its baffling me. SX-40's are shallow running lures, so why use it over a deep area? I would assume during the day that fish will be holding deep, but will they respond to a lure running near the surface?

Heya Nic,

Depends on the fish, and where they were holding in the water column at the time. If the fisherman concerned had a sounder in order to find the hole you mentioned, then he probably had a good idea of where the fish were holding also. Its not impossible to say there werent fish holding high enough in the water to take an interest.......

In my experience some fish will certainly come up to take a lure......how far any particular species will come up is anyones guess, would depend on the species as well I guess......a flattie is obviously not going to come up too far off the bottom :)

From my experience with Bass it wouldnt be uncommon for a hungry Bass to come up a few meters if he was angry/hungry enough.......
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