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Hi guys, found this in a freshwater fishing book i got the other day, thought some of you may enjoy it.

An ode to a fish

Oh ye, glorious bass, so fine.
of an emerald hue, you shine.
fooled there, from your yonder home,
engaged to fight for freedom, no more to roam.

A tasty morsel, of a meal,
did it cross your mind, is this real?
prehaps not; for as you struck home,
so did I, caught. No more to roam.

As line spilled freely from the spool,
you sought a snag, in there yonder pool,
but I prevailed, as you struggled home.
I drew you closer. No more to roam.

But more fight, from you, ensued.
and for moments there, i thought i'd lose.
the battle for your freedom, to keep you from your home,
to have you as my own. No more to roam.

As i drew you near, you came into veiw.
Proud, broad flanked, of an emerald hue.
our battle done, i had won, I held you from the water, home,
in my grasp, a trophy mine; No more to roam

As I hold such beauty, my thoughts on you,
what right have I, twas then i knew
I returned you to the water; Go on, go home
Be free to roam.



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Beautiful Alex,

Thank you for sharing :D
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