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sorry fullas'

had m yarm twisted and got dragged to snapper heaven on a coal burner (boat)for the weekend with my mates.

Fish bait this morning in the water - whole side (inc head) of a 40cm aussie salmon - cut right down the middle - bloddy ,guts the whole thing on 100lb trace with 2x10/0's on 15kg main line. Got 5 minutes on free spool (torium 30) and then hooked a freight train snapper- 5 minutes into the fight I got him off the bottom. a nother 5 and he caught the first sign of the boat we and got the first sight of him - holy noly. He kicked in the afterburners and absolutely smoked me - dusted that was it - gone bugger all over call the taxi. estimated 25 - 30lber

Landed a 17lb pound snapper later on i the day which was a team and comp leader. Heaps of couta's stealing tackle.

Can't but think this place is once of the best place to get a yak to via boat)
this place rocked and it was a full moon on the fall. Tomorrow it conitunes before work tomorrow.

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