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Great punishment!

We are privileged today in that we enjoy the most sophisticated form of communication that has ever been experienced.


Someone who had smarts up the gazoo, came up with these ideas that made a mockery of every communication form that preceded it.


It really grieves me that there is another form of really smart people who work their butts off to white-ant all the great work achieved by others.

They invent viruses (perhaps virii) that have the ability to destroy the workings of our computers, and then the cheeky buggers invent another virus buster programme that you have to buy so that you can stop the virus from infecting your computer.

I have invented what I consider a great punishment for all those germs who seek to destroy our communication and cause pain and stress throughout the modern world.

Each and every one of them should be "Confined to Barracks" for the rest of their natural days… with a couple of twists, so to speak.

1. The barracks be made of concrete, a mattress chucked in the corner for comfort, a corrugated iron roof for warmth in the summer and cold in the winter.
2. The barracks should be built in such a fashion so that no prisoner could actually see another (to stop signal communication).
3. They should be fed once a day whether they need it or not.
4. Enough water given them to keep them alive, well almost.
5. The only means of communication should be with a stone tablet (small hammer and cold-chisel with which to write)
6. Once a week a message could be passed (via the guard) to another prisoner if indeed they so desire to communicate with another low-life.

They had the chance to use their superior brain function to help others and actually improve communications, but instead they chose to destroy… ie they blew it!

See how they cope with their newly acquired communication!

Cheers, Jimbo

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badmotorfinger said:
Did Trev infect you?
All I did was ask him about his soft plastic. It was all downhill from there...
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