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GPS Units......again......buyer beware

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Hi yakkers

I ended up choosing a GPS unit from eBay (Magellan 210), however when I got it I found it was imported, hence it was loaded with USA maps which ended up being pretty useless, I spoke to magellan and they quoted me a further $299 to upload the right maps......well, what an expensive exercise that would have been. I went back to the seller and I guess I scared him when i asked if his medical policy was paid up (no not really, but was tempted) anyway I got my money back.

I guess I say all the above to warn potential purchases that be mindfull of imports, this seller had misleading info in the product description.

Anyway, back on the happy side, I have taken some advice from previous posts (and thanks to Paffoh aka Derek) i have chosed the Garmin 76s unit! found a reputable supplier who provide free map uploads all for a reasonable cost...........happy days!
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deano said:
. . . GPS mapping around the entire Australian coastline.
Now that would be a looonngg paddle. How would ya explain that to the missus?
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